7stacks: Stacks for Windows 7 Taskbar

Probably the all new taskbar is one of the key areas that got major surgery in Windows 7. Microsoft has redesigned the taskbar in Windows 7  by adding a couple of new features such as jump list, ability to pin program shortcuts to the taskbar, change taskbar color, and pin frequently used locations to the jump list. By default, Windows users can’t pin both folders and programs to a single jump list and also create custom jump list.

Users who’re looking for a program to create custom jump lists by adding custom folders and icons should check out 7Stacks.

7stacks is a free application specially designed for Windows 7 to help users have stacks of icons on Windows 7 taskbar. This is very useful if you like to make great Windows 7 taskbar even more productive.


According to the 7stacks creator, users can use it to browse and access documents within a folder very quickly. 7stacks is incredibly easy to use, and has a variety of looks and features, allowing anyone to customize the look of their stack however they’d like.

And using Windows 7, it’s easy to create new stacks by right-clicking on any stack, and selecting “Create New Stack” in the JumpList. 7stacks will place a shortcut icon on your desktop to this new stack, which you can then pin to your Windows 7 taskbar, or Vista or XP Quick Launch bar.

Key features:

# Pin up to 10 different stacks on the Windows 7 taskbar

# 3 different display modes: Normal, Grid, and Menu

# Create new stack by right-clicking on any task

# Very small utility

How to enable or disable jump list feature, how to clear recent items in jump lists, and how to change the number of recent items to display on the jump lists guide might also help you get most out of jump list feature.

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    This is great except now we are gonna have another “HEY WT* you stole that from apple you $@%!$# windows users…..

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