How To Manually Create A Custom Logon Message In Windows 7


Last evening, we covered about Logon Notifier utility which enables you display a custom message just before the logon screen. As we have mentioned previously in the Logon Notifier guide, the tool simply adds an entry to the Windows registry to display your custom message. As we can do this with the registry as well, […]

How To Remove/Disable Log Off Entry On Windows 7 Start Menu

One of our readers has asked a way to disable “Log off” on Windows 7 Start menu. Windows 7 doesn’t allow you remove log off entry from Windows 7 start menu easily. You need to either play with Windows registry or Local Group Policy to make this happen.   If you are running Windows 7 […]

How To Remove Intel Menu (Graphics Properties, Graphics Options, & Intel TV Wizard) From Windows 7 Desktop Context Menu

Users who have been running Windows 7 on PCs with Intel graphics might have already asked this question themselves. If you are confused with the title, when you install Intel Graphics Media Accelerator for Windows 7, it adds three options to the Windows 7 desktop context menu (right-click menu): Graphics Properties, Graphics Options, and Intel […]

Change Default Installation Directory In Windows 7 & Vista

By default Windows installs all the programs in C:\Program Files directory. You might want to change it if your “C” drive is running out of free space. While some programs allow you select the install drive and directory, most programs don’t offer the option to select installation drive. For instance, setup of antivirus programs like […]

Disable Writing To USB Drives In Vista & XP

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Windows Vista and XP allows the user to protect their data by disabling writing permission to USB drives. There are two ways to do this job.First one is the easiest way, through Group Policy (not available in XP Home,Vista Basic and Premium). And the second one is through Windows Registry. Using Group Policy: Step 1: […]