Repair Windows XP Online Using Microsoft ATS


Good news for Windows XP and Vista users! You can now fix most of XP/Vista errors online without the help of third-party tools. Unlike Windows 7, XP and Vista operating systems don’t come with Windows troubleshooting tools by default. Windows 7 comes with over 20 troubleshooting tools that help you fix most of Windows errors […]

How To Solve Wide Context Menu Problem In Vista & 7?

[ad#ad-1] One more post on WinRAR context menu problem. Last week, I blogged about “Add Missing WinRAR Entry In The Right-Click Context Menu” upon request from a reader. In this post, once again, I will be focusing on the WinRAR context menu problem. The problem can be seen in the below image where the context […]

Add Missing WinRAR Entry In The Right-Click Context Menu

[ad#ad-1] Once again, I am writing this post upon request from one of readers. Sometimes WinRAR entry in the right-click context menu disappears even if you have installed WinRAR without any problem. This is really annoying  as you need to open WinRAR program from Start menu entry to extract any RAR file. The solution is […]

How To Enable/Disable Animation In Vista/Windows 7 Dialog Boxes?

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[ad#ad-1] I’m writing this guide upon request from one of our readers. Reader was not getting the animations in the copy and move dialog boxes of Vista. If you are not aware, this feature was introduced with Vista and continued in Windows 7 as well. Windows shows animation when the data is being copied/moved/deleted. Though […]

How To Speedup Windows XP & Vista Boot


This is a must read guide for all Windows XP and Vista users. Though there are thousands of articles available on speeding up Vista and XP boot time, what sets this guide apart from the crowd is that this is specially written by IntoWindows! This guide will show you how to lower the Windows boot […]