Change Sign In Screen Background Color In Windows 8 Using Sign In Screen Background Color Changer Tool

Not too long ago, we covered a detailed guide covering instructions to change the background color of login screen or sign-in (the screen that displays user accounts) in Windows 8 by manually editing Windows Registry and without using third-party tools.

The only problem when manually editing the Registry to change the sign in screen color is that one needs to calculate the color scheme number and then need to assign the value in the Registry.

Change Windows 8 Logon Background Color

Users who don’t like to open up the Registry and rather prefer a software to change the sign-in or logon screen background color will be glad to know about the availability of Sign In Screen Color Changer for Windows 8. With this tool, one can not only change the color of sign-in screen but also set the same color for sign-in screen and Start screen with a mouse click.

Change Sign In Screen Color

The tool lets you choose a background color from a total of twenty six colors.

And the cool thing is that Sign In Screen Background Color Changer is portable, which means that you can run the tool and change the background color without installing the software. It’s compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 systems. Please note that Sign In Screen Background Color Changer zip file contains separate executable for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Make sure you run the right one.

Download Sign In Screen Background Color Changer



  1. Blanca Ureta Vazquez says

    I have just bought this laptop but I want to change the sign in. This is a present for my niece who lives in Lima, Peru. I want to put her information in the sign in page. Also I would like to have everything of Microsoft package in Spanish. I will appreciate your help. I have two other computers but this one is not going to stay in . I will expect your reply in order to do all segttings in Spankish. Thank you.

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