Configure Windows 7 Taskbar And Start Menu Transparency Level Using Taskbar Transizer

The taskbar is one of the most familiar aspects of Windows. A number of free utilities are available to customize and tweak the taskbar in Windows 7. Taskbar Transizer is one such utility that enables you configure taskbar and Start menu transparency level with a mouse click.

Make Windows 7 Taskbar And Start Menu Transparent

Using this tool is fairly simple. Download and run the tool to start adjusting transparency level of your Windows 7 taskbar and start menu. The tool offers three options: configure opacity for taskbar, configure opacity for start menu, and adjust opacity for Start menu programs.

Taskbar Transizer

There is no apply button present in the tool. Simply slide the control bar to configure and apply the opacity. Unfortunately, we couldn’t adjust opacity for start menu programs in Windows 7 Ultimate.

Make Taskbar And Start Menu Transparent

You can also make the utility start with Windows by enabling Load at startup option present under Configuration tab. Please note that this tool should also work in XP and Vista operating systems.

Download Taskbar Transizer



  1. {me} says

    All this is doing is corresponding to registry values. Figure out those and do it manually, then you don’t have to worry about this program.

  2. admin says

    Here is the VirusTotal result:

    Out of 43 scanners only QuickHeal has reported it as suspicious because the tool accesses system files during the process. So, you can go ahead with this tool. If you still want a solid proof, please check this Softpedia certificate:

  3. emarell says

    Sorry but “I think” is not reassuring. Given that this is only a frill anyway, why would someone risk it?

  4. admin says


    I think it’s just a false positive. Even Softpedia has given clean certificate to this software.

  5. emarell says

    Seriously. My anti-malware program (IObit Security 360 v1.50) flagged two components of this as trojans. So I never ran it, and IMHO it has no place on this blog.

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