Create New Tiles On The Start Screen With Modern Tile Maker

A few weeks back, we first reviewed a tool named OblyTile and also showed how to create custom tiles on Start screen with the help of the tool. For users who don’t know, Windows 8 doesn’t let you create custom tiles on the Start with your own color, icon, and background.

OblyTile program lets users add new tiles on the Start screen with a few mouse clicks. The best thing about the tool is that it even lets you choose your own tile background image and icon for the tile. Today, we are going to share a similar tool with you.

Modern Tile Maker is a free application for Windows 8 and lets you create new tiles on the Start screen. Just like OblyTile, Modern Tile Maker also lets you enter your own title for the tile, select text color, tile image, and tile color.

Modern Tile Maker

Creating new tiles with Modern Tile Maker is very easy. Download, install the application (it’s not portable), run the application, enter  a name for the tile, choose text color, select the application file,  or webpage, select a tile image, select tile color, and finally click Pin to Start button to see the new tile on the Start screen.

The cool thing about this tool is that you can preview the tile before creating the tile. Modern Tile Maker includes options to use only color instead of image for tiles, run an application as administrator (clicking or tapping a tile opens program with admin rights).

Modern Tile Maker supports any file type. That is, you can use this program to pin any file type to the Start screen with your own text color and tile image. Overall, a handy tool for Windows customization lovers.

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Download Modern Tile Maker



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