Create Your Own Windows Skin Pack Using Skin Pack Installer System

Numerous good skin packs and transformation packs are available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and the latest Windows 8. Majority of Windows users like to customize the look and feel of the OS either by installing skin packs or using third-party customization tools.

While there are pretty good skin packs are available, you may like to create your own by including your favourite icons, visual styles, wallpaper, cursors, etc. Skin Pack Installer System is a free software from the maker of iOS Skin Pack, Mac OS X Lion skin pack for Windows 7, and Windows 8 skin pack for Windows 7 to create your own skin pack with custom icons, files, and visual styles.

With the help of this tool, one can include new action center icons, login screen frames and buttons, battery system tray icon, explorer frame buttons (back, forward and up), Windows icons, login screen background, and start-up sound.

Create Skin Pack With Skin Pack Installer System

It also lets you include your own visual style, wallpaper, cursor, media, in the package. Skin Pack Installer System packs-in some popular customization tools so that you can easily customize your current system files before adding them into to your new skin pack. Windows 7 Boot Updater, Resource Hacker, Resources Extractor, System Tray Icons Changer, User Picture Frame Changer, and Start Orb Changer are some of the tools available in the Skin Pack Installer System.

Using the software is extremely simple. Launch the software, click on DLL or Exe file name button to start including your own, custom icons. Next, include your favourite visual style, desktop background, and cursor. Once done, click Create Setup button to start compiling the package. It may take a while to create your new skin pack setup. Once done, click on browse setup button to browse to your newly created skin pack.

Please note that the Skin Pack Installer System tries to install IncrediBar and also sets MyStart by IncrediBar as your browser homepage. So, if you don’t want to install the IncrediBar, select custom installation, and then uncheck install IncrediBar, make MyStart by IncrediBar my homepage and make MyStart by IncrediBar my default search provider options.

Separate Skin Pack Installer System setups are available for Windows XP and Windows 7. Make sure you download the right one. Skin Pack Installer System is compatible with both x86 and x64 systems. We recommend you create a system restore point before making any changes your system so that you can revert to the original icons and system settings with the help of the restore point.

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