Download Aero Glass (Transparent) Theme For Windows 7

We have covered several fancy themes in the days gone by, including the recent Sonye theme, but here is a different theme to spice your desktop. Full Glass for Windows 7 is a beautiful theme with transparent Start menu and window.

Full Transparent Glass for Windows 7

How to install:

1. First you need to install Uxstyle Core before applying third-party themes in Windows 7. Please refer our how to install third-party themes in Windows 7 guide for more information.

2. Download the theme from here.

3. Next, copy Longhorn Full Glass folder and the file Longhorn Full Glass.theme into your C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder.

4. Finally, double-click Full Glass.theme to apply the theme.

5. Done!

transparent window

Unfortunately, this is theme is available only for Windows 7 x64 as of now. You might also like to download 14 aero glass gadgets for your Windows 7 desktop.


  1. raoul escobar says

    this is nice theme but i cant download it plus it dose not work on win7 professional where is the goddamm download link

  2. canidownloaditNO says

    I can download all the adverts stuff, don’t need those. but no link to the theme.

  3. Niranjan says

    I am not able to download the theme by the above link… Can you give any other link to download.

  4. admin says

    @ All,

    The developer of the theme has removed the theme and is no longer available. Sorry..

  5. Haekal says

    Good news folks,,
    was a theme that is here does not really exist anywhere. Even the central site from windows millennium theme – windows 8, was not listed from the 16 bit – that was 128 bits, it does not exist.

    It is just Screenshot editor. Believe me ..!!!

  6. Kapoios says

    What a great theme! Although, it’s so transparent, that you don’t even realize that it exists. Even DeviantART can’t find the file!!

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