Download Aero Glass (Transparent) Theme For Windows 7

If you have been using Windows 7 for a long time, you probably are bored with the default Aero visual style (theme) and might want to replace the same with a new custom theme.

We have covered several fancy themes in the days gone by, including the recent Sonye theme, but here is a different theme to spice your desktop. Full Glass for Windows 7 is a beautiful theme with transparent Start menu and window. Please note that your PC must support Aero and you must have enabled Aero in order to use this theme.

Full Transparent Glass for Windows 7

How to install:

1. First you need to install Uxstyle Core before applying third-party themes in Windows 7. Please refer our how to install third-party themes in Windows 7 guide for more information.

2. Download the theme from here.

3. Next, copy Longhorn Full Glass folder and the file Longhorn Full Glass.theme into your C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder.

4. Finally, double-click Full Glass.theme to apply the theme.

5. Done!

transparent window

Unfortunately, this is theme is available only for Windows 7 x64 as of now. You might also like to download 14 aero glass gadgets for your Windows 7 desktop.



  1. siuolnaj says

    where is the download link??? i can’t find it!!! how can i download this theme??

  2. Az Rahman says

    I am not able to download the theme by the above link… Can you give any other link to download.

    please send me a soft

  3. raoul escobar says

    this is nice theme but i cant download it plus it dose not work on win7 professional where is the goddamm download link

  4. canidownloaditNO says

    I can download all the adverts stuff, don’t need those. but no link to the theme.

  5. Niranjan says

    I am not able to download the theme by the above link… Can you give any other link to download.

  6. admin says

    @ All,

    The developer of the theme has removed the theme and is no longer available. Sorry..

  7. Haekal says

    Good news folks,,
    was a theme that is here does not really exist anywhere. Even the central site from windows millennium theme – windows 8, was not listed from the 16 bit – that was 128 bits, it does not exist.

    It is just Screenshot editor. Believe me ..!!!

  8. Kapoios says

    What a great theme! Although, it’s so transparent, that you don’t even realize that it exists. Even DeviantART can’t find the file!!

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