Download Collection Of 27 Awesome Vista Logon Screens

If you looking for beautiful logon screen to make your Vista fancier, your search should end here. Below are the top 27 stunning logon screens for Vista. All credit goes to the original authors. You can take a look at “Collection of 14 Awesome Vista themes of all time” post to get good themes for Vista.


Click on the images to get the download page. Use Logon Studio freeware to apply these logon screens.

Also thanks to Wincustomize & Deviantart.

Thanks to all the original authors who have created these beauties.I may have missed some good logon screens in the list so please help to expand the list by leaving your comment.




  1. GBHarikrishna says

    I regret to inform you that “Vista Logon Screen” is average only.

    Try to better next time

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