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So far, Google has released its official Search app for the newest iteration of Windows operating system and hasn’t shown any interest in developing a dedicated Gmail client for Windows 8. While it’s possible to add your Gmail account to the native Mail app, a dedicated, official app would have been awesome.

Gmail Touch

PC users who’re looking for a dedicated Gmail client app for Windows 8 will be glad to know about the availability of an unofficial Gmail app for Windows 8. Gmail Touch, the first Gmail client for Windows 8, has specially been designed for touch screens users to easily check and compose emails.

Gmail Touch Windows 8

With Gmail Touch you can easily view your inbox, compose new messages, and search your messages. Just like the native Mail app, Gmail Touch also comes with Live Tile support. That is, Gmail Touch displays new messages on its tile on the Start screen.

The interface of the app is very easy-to-use and lets you navigate Gmail with ease. You can quickly switch between your inbox, drafts, sent mail, and spam folder.  Besides, you can also move messages and delete one or more by selecting multiple messages.

Gmail Touch for Windows 8

Gmail Touch currently doesn’t support attaching files. That is, you can’t use the current version of the app to attach and send files.

Please note that an ad-free version of the app is available for $2.99. Simply click or tap the Store button located in the upper-right of the app to purchase the same. Visit the store link to read more about the app and install the same.

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Gmail Touch (Windows Store Link)



  1. lynn says

    I’m deleting messages in touchmail but they still show when I log into my gmail account. So much easier to organize and delete in touch mail but how do I get them to permanently delete in gmail?

  2. Paul says

    Excellent thank you. Just what I needed got a new Dell 8 tablet with windows 8.1. Thank you again. Have a nice holiday. Paul

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