Download GOM Player For Windows 10/8.1

Countless numbers of free audio and video players are around for Windows but only a few stand out from the rest. GOM, VLC, MPC, and PotPlayer are the best video players out there. While GOM Player is certainly not the best player when it comes to total number of video formats supported out of the box, it’s definitely one of the best video players when it comes to features and options.

GOM Lab, the team behind GOM Player, has recently updated the popular video player to v2.2.69.5227. The newest version brings support to Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 operating system, includes additional aspect ratio options, and also various fixes.

GOM Player for Windows 8

Users who have ever used GOM Player must be knowing that it sports an easy-to-use and probably best in class interface. And users who don’t like the default skin can download new skins from the official page by right-clicking on the player and then selecting skins option.

While GOM Player supports many popular video formats out of the box, when you try to play an unsupported format, the codec finder feature in the GOM lets you download the missing codec from the GOM Lab webpage.

Existing GOM Player users can download the newest version by right-clicking on the player window, selecting About GOM Player, and then clicking Update button.

Just like any other player, GOM Player can also be controlled using keyboard shortcuts. There are well over 100 keyboard shortcuts to help you control and change almost all settings. To view the full list of supported keyboard shortcuts, first right-click on the player window, click About GOM Player option to open About the player dialog, and then switch to Shortcut Keys tab.

Please note, the default GOM Player installation settings install AVG Security Toolbar and set AVG as default search provider. To avoid installing the toolbar and changing your browser settings, uncheck Install AVG Security Toolbar option that you see during the product installation.

What’s your favorite media player for Windows 10?

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