Download Microsoft Tinker Game For Windows 7, Vista & XP

If you are missing the Windows Vista Ultimate edition extras in Windows 7, here is good news for you. Microsoft has released Tinker game for Windows 7, Vista & XP, and is ready to download now.

Tinker for Windows 7

Tinker is an isometric two-dimensional puzzle available for free. Tinker features a tutorial level to get you started. Featuring captivating visuals, an original music score, and 60 levels that range from the facile to the extremely challenging.

Key features:

# Guide your small robot through 60 different levels of inventive mechanisms, switches, lasers, teleporters, and more!

# Earn Tinker Achievements only available through LIVE.

# Enjoy 3D graphics that enhance the majestic clockwork world!


And if you are new to addictive Tinker game, refer these Tinker guides to start tinkering!

Download Tinker Game

Download Tinker Game (direct link via Softpedia)



  1. Robert M says

    This stinks: I wish there was an ISO version. I can download files but wwhere I have high speed intetnet, but I cannot take my home computer with me. My internet at home is not very fast (tethered blackberry) and wireless and unlike Torrents; if the download is interrupted then my Microsoft download must be restarted. Is Microsoft going to release an ISO version of this game to help people with poor internet connections?

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