Download Office 2013 From Microsoft Using Product Key

There are a couple of reasons why you’d want to download Office 2013 from Microsoft using your genuine product key. Maybe you’ve lost your Office 2013 DVD and now want to reinstall Office 2013 using the product key that you’ve recovered using a third-party program; or maybe your PC came pre-installed with Office but the manufacturer didn’t offer the required setup file or DVD to reinstall the program; or maybe a friend of yours has given an unused Office 2013 product key and you want to download and install Office suite using that product key.

Download Office 2013 from Microsoft Using Product key

Just like it’s possible to download Windows 8/8.1 from Microsoft using a product key, it’s possible to download Office 2013 program as well. All you need is a genuine product key or if you have already registered your product key using your Microsoft account, you can download Office 2013 by simply signing in to your Office account page, without having to enter your product key.

Depending on how you procured Office 2013 program or key, you can follow the instructions mentioned in one of the four methods given below to legally download Office 2013 from Microsoft by entering the product key.

Please note that none of the following methods will help you download Office 2010 product from Microsoft. If you would like to download Office 2010 program, please head over to our how to legally download Office 2010 from Microsoft guide.

Downloading Office 2013 using product key:

Method 1:

Follow this method if you’ve already registered the product key using your Microsoft account.

Step 1: Visit webpage.

Step 2: Click on the Sign in option (located top-right corner of the page) and sign into your account by entering your Microsoft account ID and password.

Step 3: Next, click the Install Office option that appears top right corner of the web page.

Download Office 2013 from Microsoft Using Product key picture1

Step 4: Click Install from a disc option and then click I want to burn a disc option.

Step 5: Finally, click the Download button to begin downloading the setup. That’s it!


Method 2:

Use this method if you have purchased Office 2013 but don’t have a DVD:

Step 1: Head over to this page of Office.

Download Office 2013 from Microsoft Using Product key picture2

Step 2: Enter your 25 character Office 2013 product key and then click Get started button. You’ll need to sign in using your Microsoft account.


Method 3:

If your Office 2013 came with a DVD but the DVD isn’t working for you or the DVD drive of your PC isn’t working, you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Sign in to your Microsoft account and then visit this page of Office.

Step 2: Enter Office 2013 product key and then click Get Started button to proceed.


Method 4:

If Office 2013 came preinstalled with your PC and now you want the setup file to reinstall the Office product, you can download the setup by downloading the given below link.

Step 1: Jump to this page in your web browser.

Download Office 2013 from Microsoft Using Product key picture4

Step 2: Enter your Office 2013 product key. If you’re unable to recollect the product key, you can use free tools to recover Office product key from your PC.

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  1. Chereyl says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I bought a copy of Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 from Office Works.

    When I tried to register my product, Microsoft refused to accept my email address.
    I cannot install the program until I get my email address sorted out. In the old days I just installed the program and that was the end of it.

    I do not wish to use another email address. I have enough trouble with the one I already have without getting another one.

    I submitted my website address but it is not an email address or if it is, I have no idea how to access it.

    Can you please advise. The email address for this email is the address that I wish to use.

    I don’t have the time to waste trying to install your product when there are all these problems. It should be simple. If you can’t sort this out I will take the program back to Office Works and get a refund.


    C. Jackman.

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