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Recuva software has been developed by the makers of CCleaner, a popular Windows cleaning software. Recuva is a free software that helps you recover deleted or lost files with a few mouse clicks. The developers of Recuva recently updated the software to add initial support for the next-generation Windows 8 OS.

Recuva is a free software designed to recover deleted files from your PC. The software is able to recover documents, pictures, music files, and other files. The best thing about this freeware is it can recover files from USB drives, Digital Camera cards, and iPods as well.

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The interface of Recuva is pretty easy to understand. On the first run, you will be prompted a wizard where you need to answer a few questions such as the type of files that you are trying to recover and original location of the file. Users can skip the wizard to directly open the Recuva home screen. The wizard mode comes in handy when you are trying to recover a particular type of file.

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The software offers two level of scans. The default scan and deep scan. Usually the software doesn’t take much time to scan in default scan mode. If the file that you are trying to search and recover is not possible with the default scan, you can try the deep scan to search for more files. The time required to complete the deep scan may vary depending on the file size and location.

Do note that, by default, Recuva doesn’t show files found in hidden system directories. To view them, you need to enable Show files found in hidden system directories option present under Options.

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In our test on a Windows 8 PC, Recuva failed to search for a few files but it was able to recover most of the files that were deleted from the Recycle Bin. Overall, it’s a good software for basic recovery needs.

Recuva supports most of the modern Windows operating systems, including the latest Windows 8. Users who are in need to recover data without installing any software can opt for the portable version of Recuva.

How to use Recuva to recover deleted or lost files:

Step 1: Download and install Recuva from here.

Step 2: Run the software. On the first run, you will see the wizard mode. Use the wizard if you are looking for a certain type of file on a particular partition or drive. To skip this wizard, simply click Cancel button.

To use the Wizard mode, click Next, select the type of file that you want to recover and then select the original location of the file in the next screen. Once done, click Start button to scan the suggested location.

Step 3: If you have skipped to the home screen of Recuva, select the location (partition) and then click Scan button. Upon finishing the scan, select the files that you want to recover by ticking the boxes and then press Recover button. To run the wizard mode again, go to Options > General and click Run Wizard button.



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