Download Snow Leopard Aero Glass Theme For Windows 7

We have written before about installing third-party visual styles in Windows 7 and also showcased several beautiful themes for the latest version of Windows client.

Snow Leopard theme for Windows 7

This time around, we have Snow Leopard theme for Windows 7. What makes this Leopard theme special is that unlike old leopard themes this one comes with the Aero Glass support.


Installing the theme is also very simple as the pack with a detailed “how-to” guide. You can also refer our how to install themes in Windows 7 guide to know more about applying new themes in Windows 7.

leopard theme for Windows 7

Sagorpirbd at Deviantart has created this special theme for the Windows 7 users. There is a basic version of this theme (without Aero) also available in the same pack. Available to download from the link mentioned below.

This theme has been specially designed for x86 version of Windows 7, but should work fine on x64 too.




  1. nicole says

    all I get is an error saying “page not found”…I’d really like this theme. thanks

  2. Aejaz says

    waste waste waste…page not found..!In theme desktop is good but..the explorer clarity is bad win 7 default theme is very much better than glass transparent theme pack is also waste.

  3. Csilig says

    This is a great work. I very happy with it. Do you have matching style for Google Chrome in W7 environment?

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