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Regardless of the editions of Windows 8, Internet Explorer is available in two versions: Internet Explorer for desktop and Internet Explorer with Modern UI. The desktop version of Internet Explorer is the legacy one with all the bells and whistles, and the latter one is cut-down version of the desktop version designed for touch screen.

Web Browser for Windows 8

Up until now, computer users who’re running Windows 8 on a touch screen had no option but to go for Modern UI version of Internet Explorer as Google Chrome with Modern UI and Firefox with Modern UI aren’t quite ready yet. If you’re looking for an alternative to IE10 Modern UI, you can check out UC BrowserHD.

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UC BrowserHD is a free web browser designed exclusively for Windows 8 and is available in the official Windows Store. This browsing app packs-in all the features of Internet Explorer app plus some additional ones.

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The home page of the browser sports a speed-dial which lets you open Google, YouTube, Yahoo!, Twitter, Facebook and Gmail with a tap. One can configure the speed dial by adding or removing URLs.

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The toolbar or app bar of the browser which includes an address bar and  search box always appears by default. However, one can configure the browser to hide this one. Another useful thing is that, just like desktop browsers, you can easily switch between search engines with a tap.


  • Supports bookmarks
  • Supports incognito browsing mode
  • Supports bookmarks sync
  • Home page with Speed dial
  • Full touch screen support
  • Customizable home page background
  • Option to clear history
  • View history
  • Multi-tab support

The download manager of the browser can be accessed by tapping the Download button located on the toolbar. Bookmarking a webpage is quite easy. When a webpage is open in the app, simply click the Plus button that appears before the address bar to see Add to Bookmarks, Add to speed dial, and Pin to Start options.

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If you have enabled bookmarks sync feature under settings, the app automatically syncs the bookmarks list with your other computers.

Overall, as of writing this article, UC BrowserHD is the best and only web browsing app available in Windows Store. If you aren’t exactly happy with the Modern UI version of Internet Explorer, we recommend you try out this free app. Visit the store link your web browser see what developer and users have to say about this cool app.

Download UC BrowserHD (Store link)


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