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Not every user is a fan of the default look and theme (visual style) of Windows 8. Now that Microsoft has removed Aero glass themes from Windows 8, users are looking for third-party themes that look better than the default set of themes.

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As we all know, by default, Windows doesn’t let you install third-party visual styles (aka themes). To be able to install third-party themes, one needs to modify or replace a bunch of system files. While there are quite a few free utilities available to modify system files and install third-party themes, most of them are not compatible with Windows 8.

Computer users who are looking to install third-party visual styles in Windows 8 will be glad to know about the availability of the popular UxStyle Core tool for Windows 8. The developers of UxStyle Core have released an experimental version and is now ready for download. This version of UxStyle Core is still in early stage and users should install it at their own risk. Please note that UxStyle Core is compatible with Windows 8 RTM only.

UxStyle Core for Windows 8

We suggest you create a system restore point or create a custom Refresh PC image before installing this tool and installing third-party themes. Download and install the tool to patch default system files. Once the patching is done you may need to reboot your PC. Finally download the visual style that you want to install, and follow the procedure mentioned by the developer of the theme to safely install the theme.

UxStyle Core for Windows

Visit the developer’s page to download the newest version of UxStyle Core for Windows 8. Please note Windows may show “Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized program from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk” message. Simply click More info and then click Run anyway button to continue installing UxStyle Core.

Download UxStyle Core



  1. domini99 says

    Is this program available for Windows 8 32 bit?
    My computer has no drivers for 64 bit, so im using 32 bit.

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