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Almost all scanner manufacturers such as HP, Canon, and Epson offer their own version of scanning software to easily scan your pictures documents and convert them into digital format. But most of these scanning software offer limited features and one needs to install third-party software to get the most out of the scanner.

VueScan Basic Free

Computer users who have been using scanner(s) for a long time probably know about VueScan software. For those who have no idea about VueScan, it’s a popular scanning program known for producing stunning results from scanned photos and documents. It works as a replacement for the default scanning program shipped with your scanner.

Loaded with tons of powerful features, it helps you scan your documents, pictures, and films and then creates PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and TXT files.

VueScan Free Edition

Compatible with over 1850 different scanners and 320 digital camera RAW files, VueScan is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Until a week ago, VueScan software was available only in two editions: Standard ($39.95) and Professional edition ($79.95).

Hamrick Software, the developer of VueScan, has released Basic Edition of VueScan and is now available as free download. And the cool thing about the Basic Edition is that it fully supports Windows 8 as well. The free version of VueScan works in Guide Me mode. The Guide Me mode gives you step by step instructions when you start and takes you through the basic steps that you need to perform to scan a document or picture. Users can upgrade to the Standard or Professional edition to unlock advanced features.

VueScan Basic Edition Free

A 115-page user guide (PDF) is also available from the download page. We suggest you download the user guide along with the VueScan to know all the advanced features and options available in the best scanning software.

Download VueScan Basic Edition



  1. Gary M Stuttman says

    Canon stopped supporting the scanner (N1220U) that I have. There are no windows 7 or 8 drivers. It only works on windows XP. My scanner works with Vuescan but their “free” version produces a watermarked copy that is not usable.

  2. admin says

    Download the trial copy which works as free. That is, the trial copy lets you do only basic features for unlimited days. To get all features, you need to activate it.

  3. Hannes says

    No, the Pro version is 79,95 Dollar. It has a Calibration (whatever that is, I am no pro even though I have the Pro version), and it can save and load Raw scan files. The normal version is 39,95 Dollar. You must work at the scan until all colors, brightness etc. are as you want them; you can not store the Raw scan and work at it later.

    The free downloadable Version in earlier Years was for demonstration only; you could not store usable images for your archive.
    Now I learn that the basic version does produce the same results as the 39,95 Dollar version. You just can not go from the guided procedure to the direct entry of all parameters. Normally, it will produce the same scans, but is a little bit slower in the workflow and i think you can not change the more esoteric parameters.

  4. George Valentine says

    Hamrick wants to charge me 39.95 for the FREE version. Someone needs to tell him he shouldn’t do that! There seems to be no way to get the serial #, etc. without paying for it . . . .

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