Download Windows 7 System File Replacer

Readers who have been following us for a long time probably know about the Se7en File Replacer tool. Though one can replace a system file by taking ownership of the file, third-party tools replace system files in a few clicks.

Windows 7 System File Replacer

Here is yet another tool that does the same thing with ease. Replacer is a portable tool for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems that enables you replace system files with a click.

 Windows 7 system file replacer1

Download, extract and run the tool to start replacing one or more system files. Just input the original file that you want to replace by hitting the left browse button and then select the new file by clicking on right browse button. And finally click Replace button to finish the job.


And the best thing about this tool is that it doesn’t delete the old system file, instead it saves old file in the same folder as a backup file. You might also like to know how to repair system files in Windows 7.

Download Replacer



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    give me deep detail and easy steps to install themes from this site

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