Download Windows XP Royale Theme For Windows 8

No matter which edition of Windows 8 operating system you are using, Aero glass transparency is not available in Windows 8. Along with many other cool features, Microsoft has also dropped Aero visual style from the latest iteration of Windows.

While there is a workaround available to enable Aero transparency in Windows 8, the end result is buggy and unstable. As of now, there is no concrete solution available to get back Aero transparency in Windows 8. Because of this, many Windows 8 users don’t like the default visual style included in Windows 8 and want to install third-party visual styles that look better even without Aero.

Windows XP Royale Theme for Windows 8

Long time Windows users and also users who have upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 8 may like to install Windows XP Royal visual style in Windows 8 as well. A deviantart user has ported Windows XP Royal theme to Windows 8 and works great on Windows 8 RTM.

Interested Windows 8 users may visit the download page (link provided at the end of this article) to download required files. As you may know, you need to edit original system files to be able to install and apply third-party visual styles. We suggest you download and install UXStyle Core tool to automatically patch system files to enable third-party themes support. However, we recommend you create a manual system restore point before running the tool.

As you can see, the new visual style includes custom borders, new navigation buttons, taskbar, sliders, and scrollbars. More importantly, it includes an install script so that users can easily install the visual style.

Download Royale Theme



  1. Techland says

    I have to thank you for all the nice articles and links about Windows 8. These have been extremely useful when I set up W8. Let me point out the two most important tips to have W8 look less ugly:

    – I imported the Windows Metrics reg key from my Win 7 and added it to W8 registry. In one simple step I got my old borders, title size, font sizes, Tahoma Font, icon spacing and lots more.

    – I added yzshadow to the Autostart. This tool from 2002 still works on W8 without any problem, and brings back the feature that is more useful than Aero tranparency – the window shadow, making it easier to recognize the window order.

    IMHO I lerned about the last one a few years back from this site – thanks again!

  2. Redd says

    Ooops, I didn’t read the first paragraph. My bad…

    Still, it should be possible to create a look similar to Aero Glass for Win8, as there are (for instance) third party utilities for XP that give windows transparent borders, even if they aren’t perfect (ie: they don’t provide with blur).

    But whatever, if I’m ever forced to upgrade to Win8 I’ll probably try a XP theme like this one (assuming that nobody makes an Aero Glass theme), as anything is better than Win8’s hideous and square-ish look that looks like it was put together in 15 minutes. Seriously, even Win3.x is less of an eyesore.

  3. Shi says

    UXStyle Core tool link take to some other place. please fix link 🙂 I see there is experimental version for win8.

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