WinReducer8: Customize Windows 8 Installation

Windows 8 installs faster and takes less disk space than Windows 7 operating system. Microsoft has made reinstalling and repairing Windows 8 operating system much easier by introducing Reset and Refresh PC features. But if you want to have an unattended and customized Windows 8 installation DVD/USB containing all drivers, and your own desktop background, you need to take the help of third-party tools.

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Windows 8 power users who are in search for a quality software to customize and tweak Windows 8 installation by integrating drivers, removing Windows features and apps will be glad to know about the availability of a free software named WinReducer8 to customize the Windows 8 installation.

WinReducer8 RT7Lite for Windows 8

WinReducer8 is an advanced software for Windows power users. With WinReducer8 one can remove native Windows apps, fonts, services, languages, drivers and themes that you don’t want to install. The current version of WinReducer8 also lets you integrate drivers in the installation disc and lets you create an unattended Windows 8 installation ISO.

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The major benefit of creating a customized Windows 8 installation disc is that you can save enough disk space and also your precious time. Computer users who are planning to install Windows 8 on a SSD drive could use WinReducer8 to create a lighter version of Windows by removing unwanted features, apps, drivers, and fonts.

Another awesome feature is that you can choose your own setup background image(background picture that appears during Windows installation) under unattended tab.

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Using WinRecuer8 straight-forward. Download, fire up the software, load your Windows 8 installation files (you need to extract the ISO file), select the items you would like to remove, choose want to want to include in the installation disc, enter your genuine Windows 8 license key if you would like to have a unattended installation disc, and finally click Apply button. That’s it! In a few minutes you’ll have your unattended Windows 8 installation ISO file.

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Once you have the ISO file you can either burn the ISO to a DVD or create a bootable USB flash drive by following our how to install Windows 7 or Windows 8 from USB guide.

WinReducer8 is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 systems. Visit the download page to download the latest version of the software. The zip file of the software includes separate installer for x86 and x64 systems. Make sure you run the right version of the software.

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