XWidget: Free Windows Desktop Customization Software

Rainmeter and Stardock Fences are the two most popular desktop customization software available for Windows. While a number of small programs, desktop gadgets, and glass gadget packs are also available for the same job, Rainmeter is the widely used widget program.

Users who have used Rainmeter will agree that it’s the thousands of awesome skins that make Rainmeter the best desktop customization software. It’s because of this reason most of Rainmeter users hesitate to try out other new customization software. And if you are looking to explore some other nice widget program for Windows, check out XWidget.

Download XWidget

XWidget is a free desktop customization software for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. The software adds Mac OS X style widgets to your desktop.

In addition, XWidget comes with its own XWidget program which lets you edit and customize widgets in a few mouse clicks. Users who can’t create widgets can download new widgets from the official gallery, which features over 200 nice widgets submitted by users.

Download XWidget for Windows

Just like any other Windows program, installing XWidget is simple. Download the installer and run it and then follow the on-screen instructions (next, next, and finish!) to complete the installation. This will automatically launch the program and widget bar. A small XWidget icon will appear in notification area, and a right-click on the icon will give quick access to Manage Widgets, Manage Themes, Create Widget, and other options.

Once installed, you will see default widgets at the bottom of the desktop. Simply drag widgets to the desktop area to enable them. Once done, close the widget bar to see the taskbar. A double-click on the XWidget try icon will open the widget bar again.

A right-click on a widget will brin options to hide, edit, configure, or close the widget.  XWidget is very light on system resources as well. So, if you are looking for a free program to enhance your desktop, do give it a try.

Download XWidget



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