Download Yule Log Visualization For Windows 7

A Visualization is plug-in for Windows Media Player that displays splashes of colour and geometric shapes that change with the beat of the audio that is playing. In simple words, Visualization is a graphical display that changes in response to the audio signal.

Visualization for Windows 7 media player

Yule Log is a cool visualization of a warm fireplace for your Windows Media Player in Windows 7 (x86 and x64). If you are new to visualizations, here is how to enable the visualization in Windows Media Player.

1. Download the Yule Log Visualization.


2. Kick start the installation by double-clicking on the .msi file and simply click the Next button to complete the installation.


3. Now you need to enable the visualization in Windows Media Player. Run the Windows Media Player.


4. Right-click on the player and go to Visualizations > Yule Log and then select Yule Log to enable the visualization.

enable visualization in Windows 7

5. Done! Play an audio file to see the beauty of Yule Log visualization.



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