EasyBCD 2.2 With Support For Windows 8 Available

If you have ever installed Windows Vista or Windows 7 in dual boot, you probably know what EasyBCD is. For starters, EasyBCD is a fantastic free for personal use software and lets easily backup, edit, and restore the Windows boot menu.

NeoSmart Technologies recently updated its EasyBCD to add multi-language support, VHDX support and enhance a number of features. The good news is that EasyBCD v2.2 is fully compatible with the final version of Windows 8 (RTM). So, Windows 8 users can now start playing with boot settings without any issues.

EasyBCD for Windows 8

By installing EasyBCD, you will be able to add Windows, Mac, or Linux boot entry with a few mouse clicks. Options are also available to add a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk), ISO, WinPE, and Floppy entries to the boot menu. The BIOS Extender feature even lets you boot and install Windows from USB flash drive, even if your PC’s motherboard doesn’t support booting from USB.

One can also use this free software to reset BCD (Boot Configuration Data), re-create/repair boot files, and change boot drive. Backup and restore bootloader settings, create bootable USB drive to install Windows ad write MBR (Master Boot Record) are the other useful features of EasyBCD.

Key Features:

# Add Windows, Mac, or Linux boot entries

# Edit, rename or completely delete entries

# Add VHD, ISO, and floppy entries

# Reset BCD configuration

# Backup and restore bootloader

# Create bootable external media (see how to create bootable USB drive using EasyBCD)

EasyBCD allows you modify boot menu entries by moving up/down, renaming or deleting an entry. It also lets you skip the boot menu, change the default count down time and disable the count down.

Starting from this version (v2.2), EasyBCD automatically creates a backup copy of the BCD store the first time when you launch the software. Overall, EasyBCD is the best tool available to edit Windows boot settings.

EasyBCD supports both x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8. Visit the download page to begin downloading your copy of EasyBCD. Please note that you need to register with NeoSmart Technologies to avail your free copy.

Download Page



  1. darin says

    You cannot add any working boot entry on UEFI. Not for Windows 7/8, not for Linux. What means support for Windows 8 here ?

  2. miguel says

    it´s OK with win 8, to create entry for win 7 and win xp. But my problem is when i start with HD for win 7 and i try to create an entry for win 8, In the boot screen when i choose win 8, it isn’t possible to start, error 0xc00000a?: not possible to find the device.
    Some help? sorry for my english.

  3. admin says

    The latest v2.2 is compatible with Windows 8. Do check it out again and make sure you have downloaded v2.2 and above only.

  4. assd says

    I used this program from long time thank very much but it not compatible with windows8

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