NeoSmart Releases EasyRE (Easy Recovery Essentials) For Windows 7, Vista & Windows XP

NeoSmart Technologies, the company behind popular EasyBCD software, has just released EasyRE (Easy Recovery Essentials) for Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP operating systems. EasyRE is a Windows system repair disc to automatically find and fix Windows issues without booting into Windows.

Earlier this year, NeoSmart first announced beta version of EasyRE (back then it was Windows Recovery Essentials). After testing the product for close to six months and fixing various issues, the company has released the final version.

EasyRE for Windows

EasyRE is available as a bootable ISO file. After purchasing and downloading your copy, you need to either burn the ISO on a CD/DVD or create a bootable USB so that you can start using it. Users need to purchase separate licenses for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

EasyRE helps you fix various common and uncommon issues that prevent Windows from booting. The current version of EasyRE for all supported Windows versions includes automated repair tool, system restore feature, command line, partition editor, file search & backup tool, a web browser.

EasyRE recovery CD for Windows

Probably the best feature of EasyRE is the file manager. With the file manager, you can copy files from one drive to another, open & view certain file types, and also backup files to an external drive that too without booting into Windows. The web browser is also a handy tool to quickly search the web for workarounds to fix Windows issues and quickly download hardware drivers.

EasyRE for Windows 7

In addition to the above mentioned tools, you can also find tools to perform various advanced tasks. The current version repair disc includes development, documentation, graphics, internet, multimedia, office, and disc burning tools.

EasyRE for Windows XP

EasyRE for Windows desktop

NeoSmart is working hard on the final version of EasyRE for Windows 8 and should be available in a month. Please note that EasyRE doesn’t include Windows setup files and you can’t use the same to install Windows. We recommend you visit the official blog to know more the product.

The basic edition of EasyRE is available for just $9.75 and the business/professional edition sets you back $29.75.

Easy Recovery Essentials (EasyRE)



  1. JW says

    Doesn’t work. I chose the basic option for the supposedly included file backup facility, but it does absolutely nothing – just displays a “Please Wait” message that’s still there an hour later. There were no sounds of hard disk activity. I notice that all the reviews are positive, without exception – an interesting contrast to those here which are not managed by the company. The Command Line feature is just an Ubuntu terminal – which you can get free anyway.

    Don’t buy it – they are apparently just stealing our money.

  2. Ron Luco says

    I would not buy this product again. I followed all instructions and could not get it to work. I contacted support the day I bought this software and still no help. I demanded a refund and no response. I wish I would have read these other reviews before I wasted my money. Be careful of companies like this, they seem to be out there.

  3. Len Munks says

    The NeoSmart ER program did not work at all for my Vista boot sector problems. They have no telephone support and did not respond to my e-mailed support questions. They advertise a refund if the program does not work, but they have never responded to my requests for a refund, which was made within the required six days following purchase. On their website, they only post “likes,” and did not post my dislike, so I wonder about the veracity of the posts and credibility of the company.

  4. Mike Harris says

    I am very disappointed. I downloaded the .iso file for Win 7 and followed the directions for both burning to CD and USB. In both cases the boot starts from each and then fails. I can’t get the .iso file to load completely and move to the GUI that is shown on your demo.

    By-the-way they won’t give your money back!!! Read the Refund Policy …

  5. Desmond says

    Have used the system repair option, however at the windows log window there is only the ‘other user’ option. It does not recognise my log in so cannot get into my windows. Going back to the restore option relays a past date however still brings me back to log in window with only the ‘Other User’ option available.
    What other options are open to me?
    Is there another log name I need to be aware of?

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