Enable All Windows 7 Taskbar Features For Winamp With Win7shell

Even though Vista and Windows 7 come with an improved version of Windows Media Player and Media Center, many of prefer to use third-party media players such as VLC and GOM Player to watch videos, Winamp and foobar2000 to play audio files.

Winamp player is one of the best MP3 players out there for Windows. Each version of Winamp is coming up with loads of new features and improvements. The only feature that lacks in the present version of Winamp (v5.56 while writing this article) is that the Windows 7 taskbar integration.


If you have been using Winamp on Windows 7, you might have noticed that it doesn’t support Windows 7 jump lists feature by default. Although many of you might not be using the jump list feature, it’s a great time saver once you get used it.

winamp taskbar progress

winamp jumplist

winamp peek

Win7shell is a small plug-in for Winamp that enables Windows 7 taskbar feature in Winamp. The present version of Win7shell adds the following features:

# Shows playback status as the Winamp taskbar background (just like explorer progress bar)

# Customizes the aero peek thumbnail with: Winamp logo, album art, customized info about the current media playing, and custom image

# Adds next, previous, stop, and play buttons to Aero Peek thumbnail

# Displays recently played files in jump list

You can get all the above features just by downloading and installing Win7shell plug-in on Winamp. All the above mentioned features will be automatically enabled post the Win7shell installation.

Download Win7shell

Win7shell home page



  1. Miss.Andrea Borman. says

    There is also a Winamp plug in called tray Control
    see here-http://www.winamp.com/plugin/tray-control-1-1-2-84/222297

    This also enables the taskbar toolbar like that of WMP in Winamp in the task bar.The plug in works on all versions of windows XP and vista and of course on windows 7 and Windows 7. Andrea Borman.

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