Windows 8 Switch Boot: Enable Or Disable The New Boot Options Menu In Windows 8

The graphical boot menu or boot options menu is one of the new features introduced with Windows 8. Unlike the old black and white style boot menu, the boot options menu looks elegant and is compatible with keyboard, mouse, and also touch.

The boot options menu lets you quickly access various advanced options such as Command Prompt, startup settings, system restore, Refresh PC & Reset PC, and automatic repair.

Boot Options Menu

Users who have installed Windows 8 in dual boot with previous Windows version see the new boot menu every time they turn on the machine. If have installed Windows 8 in dual boot with Windows 7 and you have set Windows 7 as default OS, you’ll see the old style boot menu. Users who are running only Windows 8, can go to PC settings, general, and then click or tap Restart now button (under Advanced startup) to see the new boot options menu.

We have previously shown you how to enable or disable the graphical boot menu with the help of a command. Since not every user is comfortable with the command line, a Windows enthusiast has developed a small tool that enables you turn on or off the new boot options menu.

Windows 8 Switch Boot is a portable utility to quickly enable or disable the graphical boot options menu. The tool simply execute a command to enable or disable the new boot options menu. In other words, it doesn’t edit or replace original system files. So, you can use it safely.

Switch Boot for Windows 8

Windows 8 Switch Boot is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8. Visit the developer’s page to download the program.

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  1. Windows Fan says

    please never feature any tool created by nanwick. he is simply stealing stuff from other developers. if you check other utilities created by him, most of them have been stolen from kishan bagharia and others. he has uploaded his tools at deviantart but no one likes them.

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