Fix Windows 7 Errors With FixAuto Tool

Whether you like it or not, you need to deal with several Windows related errors in your day to day life. Though most of these errors are caused by malicious items, fixing those errors is a time consuming job. Having a good antivirus program (see seven free antivirus for Windows 7) helps you keep your Windows run smoothly and error free. In some cases, we come across errors that can’t fixed by removing malicious items and requires editing Windows registry.

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Luckily there are some free utilities available to fix common Windows errors easily. FixAuto is one such free tool that allows you fix several common errors with a click. The interface is simple and easy-to-use. Along with several fixes, the utility also offers a few handy settings to secure your Windows operating system.


Once you install and run this program for the first time, you will be asked to select your language. Select English to start fixing Windows.

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You can block autorun.inf file, disable write to flash disk, and turn on/off UAC (User Account Control). With FixAuto, you can manage startup programs as well.

Key fixes available in FixAuto:

# Enable task manager

# Enable registry editor

# Fix IE (Internet Explorer)

# Fix blue screen blue screen when shutdown

# Fix run

# Fix system host and protocol

# Fix logon

# Fix debugger

# Show hidden files/folders

# Fix system time

# Fix Windows system errors

# Fix Windows explorer errors

# Fix start menu errors

# Fix msconfig (system configuration utility)

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FixAuto also helps you disable write to USB flash disk, block file autorun.inf file, and turn off autoplay. If you can’t find a fix for a Windows error in FixAuto, you can try FixWin tool which comes with over 50 fixes for common Windows errors.

We recommend you create a manual system restore point before running this tool. How to fix Windows 7 aero problems, how to fix search problems in Windows 7, and 10 free tools to quickly repair your Windows 7 articles might also help you.

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  1. lou says

    do not download i repeat do not download. it will destroy your system. i tried it and i could not use it anymore. i had to use to windows installation disk again. please do not DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!

  2. Trinh Duc Thang says

    this was a false detection and the correct update is available with the next AVG virus-database update

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