Free Microsoft Outlook 2010 Password Recovery Tool

Microsoft’s Office Outlook is, without a doubt, the best desktop email client software out there for Windows. While there are a few alternatives to this paid software, none of them come close to this professional email client included all recent versions of Microsoft Office, including Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, and Office 2013.

Recover Outlook password, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail, the popular email services, all offer two-step verification and also allow you reset your forgotten email account password by sending necessary codes or links to your mobile number or alternative email address that you provided for two-step verification or account safety.

But if you want to recover your account password configured with Outlook client without resetting your email password, you can now use a free tool recover both username and password stored in Outlook client.

The makers of Browser Password Decryptor have released a useful tool to instantly recover Microsoft Outlook passwords. OutlookPassword Decryptor is a free tool to view and recover passwords from all versions of Microsoft Outlook with a click.


This tool is capable of decrypting all usernames and passwords stored in Outlook in a jiffy. As you may know, different versions of Outlook store passwords at different locations using different mechanism. This is probably one of the best free tools available to decrypt Outlook passwords. Using OutlookPasswordDecryptor is fairly simple. Download, install, run the tool and then click Start Recover button to start searching for stored user names and passwords.

Outlook Password Decryptor supports different types of email accounts including Exchange Server, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, LDAP and HTTP. The tool lets lets you save passwords in HTML or Text file format.

OutlookPasswordDecryptor is compatible all recent versions of Outlook.

Download Outlook Password Decryptor


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