Giga Tweaker – Excellent Tweaker For Windows 7

In the past, we have reviewed several free Windows 7 and Vista tweaking tools such as Ultimate Windows Tweaker, Windows 7 Little Tweaker, Mz Ultimate Tweaker, and XdN Tweaker.

Giga Tweaker is an all-in-one tweaking tool which includes every feature that you actually use. It sports simple two pane interface that features tweaks related to system, security, file and drives, restrictions, explorer and start menu, and visual effects.

Giga Tweaker

You can fine tune your Windows 7/Vista by entering customization section. There are options to tweak Windows memory management and context menu as well. You can even create a system restore point by hitting Restore Point button located at the bottom of the window.

There is an interesting and very useful feature available in Giga Tweaker named Console. Opening the Console will display all the changes been done through Giga Tweaker.

Giga Tweaker console

Key tweaks available in Giga Tweaker:

# Enable automatic logon

# Show messages before logon

# Specify what should be done after system failure

# Disable UAC

# Disable secure desktop when elevating

# Change elevation prompt behaviour

# Customize open with dialog

# Customize drive letter position

# Disable Task Manager

# Restrict access to specific applications

# Show Windows version on desktop

# Customize menu show speed

# Restart desktop and taskbar automatically after errors

# Force DLL unload from memory

# Enable boot defragmentation

# Speedup system shutdown

# Disable auto-detection of IDE drives during start-up

# Disable updating Group Policy during start-up

# Increate the performance of CPU

# Add, edit, delete items of the context menu

# Disable executing .reg files

Download Giga Tweaker


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