How To Add Custom Tiles To Start Screen In Windows 8

One of the best features of Windows 8 is the new Start screen. For many new users, Start screen is the most annoying feature, but users who have been playing with Windows 8 for a while know that it’s one of the best features without a doubt.

We have been covering ways and free tools to help you improve the default look and feel of the Start screen. In the past, we covered how to set your own picture as Start screen background, how to open Start screen within desktop, how to customize Start screen, and pin web pages to Start screen.

Custom Tiles for Start Screen in Windows 8

A user may want to pin an image or a part of an image to the Start screen as a tile. By default, Windows 8 lets you pin only web pages, folders and drives to the Start screen. Users aren’t allowed to set custom pictures as Start screen tiles. If you want to display a picture as tile(s) on the Start screen, Custom Tiles Maker is the app that you need.

Custom Tiles Maker is a free app available at the Windows 8 Store. As the name suggests, it helps you create custom tiles from your image and pin them to the Start screen. It lets you create tiles with following configurations: 2 rows x 1 column, 2 rows x 2 columns, 2 rows x 3 columns, 3 rows x 1 column, 3 rows x 2 columns, 3 rows x 3 columns, 3 rows x 4 columns, 4 rows x 1 column, 4 rows x 2 columns.

The only downside of the current version of Custom Tiles Maker is that it doesn’t allow you assign functions to those custom tiles.

Using the app is fairly simple. Launch the app, select photo, select the number of tiles to be created from the photo (number of rows and columns), and then tap on a tile to pin it the Start screen. Custom Tiles Maker is a must have tool if you love customizing the Start screen.

Open the Store app and then search (see how to search Windows 8 Store) for Custom Tiles Makers to read more and install (see how to install apps) the app.


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