How To Change Folder Icon Color In Windows 8

If you are the owner of a tablet powered by Windows 8 or if you’re running Windows 8 on your PC then the chances are that you have already set your own picture as Start screen background, set custom picture as lock screen background and also configured the Start screen to show within the desktop area for quick access.

Change Folder Color In Windows 8

After customizing the Start screen, lock screen, and other areas of the operating system you might now want to customize folders by changing the default color.

As you know, Windows 8, just like previous version of Windows, doesn’t allow users to change the default folder color. While it does let you change the folder icon by right-clicking on the folder, selecting Properties and then switching to the Customize tab, you can’t change the default folder color to a custom color.

So users who would like to change the folder color have no option but to go for third-party tools to get the job done. The good news is that the developer of Folder Colorizer has updated the program to add support for Windows 8.

For those who haven’t used Folder Colorizer before, it’s a wonderful freeware to customize folder icons by changing default color right from the context menu. With the help of Folder Colorizer, you can set your own color for folders. And the best thing is that you can set different color for different folders. For instance, you can change the default color of My Documents to blue color and then set Red color to My Pictures folder.

Change Folder Color In Windows 8 Picture1

After installing the program, right-click on a folder to see Colorize! entry in the context menu. Click on the entry to select a color from available colors or choose your own color. An option is also available to restore to the original color.

Change Folder Color In Windows 8 Picture2

While Folder Colorizer is free, you will be asked to enter your email address when you launch the program for the first time. Another thing is that you might see Share Your Success box containing “Cool! No more boring colors, after you changed folder color with Folder Colorizer. Tweet This” message while using the program. You can get rid of this message by ticking “Don’t show this message again” option present in the dialog box.

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