How To Delete Windows 7 Themes

Ever since the first beta of Windows 7 was released to the public back in January 2009, Windows enthusiasts have been creating excellent themes for Windows 7 that contains beautiful wallpapers, screen savers, sounds and icons. Microsoft has also been regularly releasing new themes and wallpapers for Windows 7. The official Windows 7 themes can be visited by right-clicking on desktop, selecting Personalization and then clicking Get more themes online link.

Delete Windows 7 theme

We have also created 14 beautiful themes for Windows 7 to spice your Windows 7 desktop. Download our 14 beautiful themes for Windows 7. Windows 7 also lets users create their own themes by including custom pictures, sound schemes, screen savers and desktop icons. One can follow our how to create your own theme packs for Windows 7 guide to successfully create custom Windows 7 themes. And if you’re on Windows 8, you can check our how to create Windows 8 theme guide.

As there are hundreds of great looking themes (also known as theme packs) available for Windows 7, users end up installing all available themes. If you are bored with a third-party theme or if you want to free up some disk space by removing some themes you can do so in Windows 7.

If you like to uninstall/delete a theme in Windows 7, you need to follow a very simple procedure:

Step 1: Right-click on Desktop and select Personalize.

desktop right click

Step 2: Next, right-click on the theme that you want to uninstall/delete and select Delete option to completely delete the theme from your PC.

delete theme

Note: You can’t delete Windows 7’s default themes by following the above mentioned procedure.

And if you like to extract one or more wallpaper from a theme, please follow our how to extract wallpapers and sounds from a Windows 7 theme guide. Please note that one can’t install theme packs in Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic editions. If you’re on Starter or Home Basic edition and wish to use these beautiful theme packs, we suggest you download the Personalization Panel tool to get all missing personalization features.

To install theme packs designed only for Windows 8, you need to go through our how to install Windows 8 themes in Windows 7 guide.



  1. diana says

    the themes I delete always come back….i set it back to my theme, delete the one i don’t want and within 1/2 hour the other theme comes back…how the FREAK do i stop this from happening….it’s driving me crazy.

  2. admin says

    You cann’t delete the default set of themes in Windows 7 by using this method. You can only delete custom themes.

  3. laurie says


    i want to delete the themes that came with windows, right-click does nothing

    surely there must be a widows folder containing these that i can just go to and do it from there?

    and how do i customize the theme to set colors and scrollbar size and everything we used to be able to do in xp? windows 7is beginning to seem very limited to me

  4. Claudina says

    Addendum to prior comment. I exited Control Panel a few times, changed the themes a few times (back to what I’d had before I downloaded new themes, then back again to one of those new themes), and for some reason I now have the delete option that didn’t appear before. Strange.

  5. Claudina says

    Didn’t work for me. I just downloaded a few themes from the ‘Get more themese online’ link in Control Panel. Upon reviewing some pictures I have a couple I’d like to remove, and I followed the steps above but do not have a delete option. 🙁

  6. david says

    THE most important step was left out. I was just about to comment an say that this was useless information and still is until this page is updated and does not rely on user input to be correct. I should not have to troll through comments to get the correct answer.

  7. Tim West says

    One step omitted from this process.

    Make sure that the theme you are deleting is NOT active.

    The active theme cannot be deleted via right-click

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