How To Enable Command Bar And Favorites Bar In Internet Explorer 9

The recently released Internet Explorer 9 beta sports a clean user interface. To help the end user focus more on content of each website, Microsoft has disabled the Command bar and Favorites bar (bookmarks bar) by default.

Enable Commnad Bar and Favorites Bar In Internet Explorer 9

Although you can manage and access Favorites by pressing Ctrl + B keys, many users prefer to access it without using a hotkey. If you frequently access Command bar and Favorites bar, it’s a good idea to enable them.


Here is how to show Command bar and Favorites bar in IE 9:

1. Launch Internet Explorer 9 browser.


2. Right-click on empty space next to a opened tab and then enable Command bar and Favorites bar to get back these bars in the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Enable Commnad and Favorites Bars In IE 9

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  1. Glyn Scantlebury says

    Brilliant – I wish you wouldn’t take things off – why not reinstallthem when you provide an upgrade.

  2. Teresa says

    The favorites option has changed for IE9 and I can’t figure out how to get to my favorites that were previously saved.

  3. Pat Bauer says

    Hi, I have windows XP on a Dell Dimension 5150 . Originally I used internet explore 7. It was very, very easy to add a website to my favorites. I so called, upgraded to Internet Explore 8. In general I like many of the new features except, now it takes 2 to 3 times longer to store a website in my favorites area. Wow, what a bummer. Sometimes I can’t find the folder I want to store it in. I just give up and go on. Is there a fix or will there be a fix? Is internet explore 9 the same way? Thanks for your time. Please reply. Pat B.

  4. Some Dude says

    Not sure why IE9 wants to copy other browser layout. I am sure they want to bring back the other users who left them. Could this be true, MS are finally listening to their clients?

  5. JOSE VALERIO says

    It is very nice to see the new format and picts, I will sugest to continue improve like bing, bing is beaufitul and keep with new inf. I am thinking it must change pict every 12 hour with wonderful and fresh pict.

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