How To: Enable/Disable Startup Sound In Windows 7

Startup sound is really great to hear for the first few days but it’s really annoying to hear the same sound again and again. If you don’t like to change the startup sound then you can easily get rid of it by simply disabling the startup sound in the Control Panel.


To remove the start sound, follow the below instructions:

1. Type mmsys.cpl in Start menu search box and hit enter.

2. Switch to Sounds tab and uncheck the box named “Play Windows startup sound” to disable the sound and check the same to enable.

Disable Windows Startup Sound[4]

3. Click Apply to remove the sound.

You can also disable all the system sound schemes by selecting No Sounds from the “Sound Scheme” drop down box.



  1. Jordan H says

    “Why do you geeks always send a command prompt…”
    because it’s faster and easier to pull up a run dialog than to navigate the cluster-cluck that is the windows control panel. It get’s so much worse with each new version of windows.

  2. Alamo says

    This is so typically Windows… Just like someone above I was searching the list for Windows Startupsound but there’s a checkbox for that _below_ that box. How does that make any sense?
    At last I won’t startle everyone when sitting in lectures…
    Thank you very much!

  3. texrb says

    Why do you geeks always send a command prompt instruction. This and most problems are fixable in the control panel, but you seem to have DOS commands stuck in your heads.

  4. sansayan says

    Thank you for this excellent post. I was wondering enough how to get rid of this irritating sound and there you are with the lamp. Thank you again.

  5. Jon says

    thanks a lot. i was in a lecture and suddenly when i turned on my laptop the room caused my laptops sound effect to be amplified about 10x as much. pretty embarrassing if you ask me.

  6. Mikael J says

    Yeah, like to thank you too. Sometimes there is too many small things to configure, they get kind of invisable. I have been trying to turn this off for a long time and irritation level has been crazy high, especially in the evening when others are sleeping……

  7. Lernkurve says

    Thanks a lot for this post!

    I was searching up and down inside the “Program Events” tree and just didn’t see that there was a checkbox just below it saying “Play Windows Startup sound”.

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