How To Reduce Start Screen Size In Windows 8

Users who don’t love the Start screen in Windows 8 have a number options improve it. One can use third-party tweaking and customization tools to change the overall look and feel of the Start screen (see how to customize Start screen).

A litter over two weeks ago, we showed how to easily open the Start screen within the desktop, launch apps, search for files and programs without leaving the desktop area. We used a small tool named Start Menu Modifier for the job the guide. The tool lets you open the Start screen in the top or bottom area of the desktop. So, when you press the Windows key, you will see the Start screen within desktop.

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Users who have followed our how to open Start screen within desktop guide and used the Start Menu Modifier program must have noticed that the program doesn’t allow you set custom height for the Start screen.

The good news is that the developer of Start Menu Modifier has updated the tool v1.1 and it now lets you set your own height for the Start Screen. Users can download the latest version and set their own height.  Download, run the tool, select bottom (custom height) or top (custom height) and then set a custom value. Finally click Apply button.

Reduce Start Screen Size In Windows 8

Reduce Start Screen Size In Windows

So, users who don’t like to see the full size Start screen can use this awesome tool to reduce the default size. You can use the hotkey feature present in the tool to quickly switch between the full size Start screen and custom one.

Reduce Start Screen Size In Windows 8 Picture

To revert to the original Start screen, simply click Restore Defaults button. Start Menu Modifier is compatible with both x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8.

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  1. Gordon says

    These Microsoft 8 software engineers are absolutely nuts. The feature that causes many apps to start in full screen mode by default is idiotic. It should be banished forever, forbidden. The whole point about Windows generally is that the user can have several apps open simultaneously, with easy access to any one, by just sliding the mouse across to the other app. This default of having apps that hog the whole screen, which is what we have in Windows 8, totally defeats that feature.

    This just infuriates me. Now I have to go to the trouble of downloading some nifty non-Microsoft product to do what Windows was originally designed to do in the first place. You guys at Microsoft are a bunch of rank amateurs. This “hog the whole screen” mode should never, ever be the default, but it is.

  2. JH says

    And custom width?
    I would absolutely love to customise the width.
    I’d essentially be able to make it look like the Start Menu in Windows 7.

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