How To Reopen Accidently Closed Windows In Windows 7

Users who have been using the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera may know that these web browsers allow the user to reopen an accidently closed tab by hitting Ctrl + Shift + T keys.

 How To Restore Accidently Closed Apps In Windows 7

In Windows, you are not allowed to open a previously closed window with the above mentioned shortcuts or any other hotkeys. So, here is a small application called GoneIn60s that allow you reopen accidently closed window with a mouse click.


Using this tool is simple. Simply download and run the tool to see a small icon in the system notification area. From now onwards, whenever you close a window GoneIn60s actually hides the window. If you want to reopen a particular window, just right-click on the GoneIn60s icon system tray icon and select the window that you want to reopen.

 Restore Closed Windows In Windows 7

By default, GoneIn60s closes all hidden windows after 60 seconds but you can increase this time (max 100 seconds) to make it more comfortable. You can also exclude a program from using this feature by including the program’s name in the GoneIn60s list.


Overall, an effective tool to quickly launch recently closed explorer window or application window .

Download GoneIn60s



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