How To Speed Up Internet Explorer 9 Browser

The all new Internet Explorer 9 is much faster then the previous version. But if you are finding that the browser speed is not up to the mark, installed add-ons could the reason. Add-ons often decrease the browsing performance like browser startup, opening new tabs and navigating to web pages.

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The add-on performance advisor present in IE 9 displays the load time for each add-on so that you can see how each one impacts your browsing experience.


If an add-on is taking more than 0.2 seconds to load, then you can disable the add-on to speed up IE 9 startup and browsing speed.


Here is how to check load time and disable add-ons in IE 9:


1. First you need to enable the Command bar to launch Add-on performance advisor. To do this, right-click next to an opened tab and enable Command bar option. You can also follow our detailed guide how to enable command bar in IE 9.

 How To Speedup Internet Explorer 9

2. Now in the command bar, navigate to Tools, Toolbars and Disable add-ons to open Add-on performance advisor.

 How To Speedup Internet Explorer 9 Browser

3. Here you can see the startup time of all enabled add-ons and their load or navigation times. Click the Disable button next to the add-on if the delay time is 0.2 seconds and above.

 How To Speedup Internet Explorer 9 Browser In Windows 7

4. Once you are done, click on the Done button.


5. That’s it!


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  1. Shannon Macri says

    IE 9 is much faster than all the other previous browsers. I noticed a marked difference in performance also along with speeds. Good work MS/

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