LastPass App Released For Windows 8

LastPass is one of the best, if not the best, password managers out there. Majority of computer and mobile users relay on LastPass to store their passwords securely.  And the best thing about LastPass is that it’s available for all desktop and mobile platforms.

LastPass for Windows 8

The good news is that LastPass has just released LastPass app for Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 users can now open up the Store app to install the app. The interface is pretty neat, just like the desktop version.


For starters who don’t know what LastPass is, it’s an online password manager and form filler that not only makes your web browsing easier but also secure. It offers a number of option to securely lock down your passwords. LastPass combines a local password manager with cloud-based storage so you can access all of you your passwords from anywhere by just entering the master password. Besides, it also includes automatic form filling as well as password generation tools.

The Windows 8 style app lets you view all of your stored passwords, launch sites from your vault, view secure notes, add new sites to the list, and add new secure note. This is the initial version of LastPass and all features may not be present in this release.

LastPass app for Windows 8

Open up the Store app, search for LastPass (see how to search Windows 8 Store), install the app, launch the app and then enter your username and password to view all stored passwords and access other features.

First time users need to create an account with LastPass. To create a free account, launch LastPass app, click or tap Create Account button to open up the LastPass sign-up page in your primary web browser, enter required details and then accept terms & conditions before clicking Create Account.


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