File Explorer: Metro Style Explorer App For Windows 8 [Paid App]

Microsoft’s decision to introduce Metro-style (Modern UI) has not gone very well with all Windows users. While some are appreciating the bold step by Microsoft and the new UI, many users are simply avoiding the Metro features with the help of third-party tools.

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A small percentage of Windows users love the new Metro-style apps and UI. While Metro UI is limited to only Start screen, Metros-style apps and PC settings, you may want to have a Metro-style explorer so you can browse your files and folders without having to open the Windows Explorer (File Explorer).

While a workaround available to get Metro UI-style Explorer in Windows 8, it requires replacing the original system files. Not all users are comfortable with replacing system files.

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Windows 8 users who would like to have a Metro-UI style file explorer can now download an app named File Manager from the Store. File Manager is a paid app (trial also available) to get Modern UI style file browser for Windows 8. The beauty of the app is that it doesn’t disable the default Windows Explorer so you can use the Metro explorer alongside Windows Explorer without any issues.

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Visit the Store, purchase the app or simply install the trial copy, and launch the app to see the new file explorer. Just like Windows Explorer, it also includes multiple view modes and settings. Using File Manager you can copy and move files from one location to another. You can also open documents, pictures, and movies in default programs.

Right-click on a file to see delete, rename, copy to, and move to options. When you click or tap delete option, File Manager prompts you with a confirmation box, just like Windows Explorer.

Another cool feature is that if you want to open a file in a program other than the default one, you can simply use Open with option to open the program in your favorite program.

Metro File Explorer For Windows 8

Standard options such as select all, clear all, and create new folder are also present.

Overall, it’s the best Metro-style explorer out there for Windows 8. If you don’t want to purchase, we recommend you at least install the trial version and try it out.

Download File Manager


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