ModernStart: Free Tool To Run Windows 8 Apps In Desktop Mode

On Wednesday of last week, Stardock released a new software to run modern or metro-style Windows 8 apps on the desktop. The program not only adds close button to Windows 8 apps but also lets you pin apps to the taskbar.

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Stardock’s ModernMix is an excellent piece of software for PC users who don’t like to run apps in full-screen mode and prefer to run apps in desktop instead. The only downside is that it’s not free and you need to shell out $4.99 to purchase the software. Stardock has been offering a fully-functional 30-day trial copy of the software for users would like to test drive the software before purchasing the same.

Users who can’t afford to buy ModernMix or users who would like to run Windows 8 apps in desktop mode with the help of a free software will be glad to know about the availability of a new software named ModernStart.

ModernStart is a free software that enables you open the Start screen and also Windows 8 apps in desktop mode. Users need to use Ctrl + Shift + K hotkey to run an app in desktop mode and then Ctrl + Shift + R hotkey to restore the full-screen.


Free Software To Run Windows 8 Apps In Desktop Mode

Before you jump to download page, please remember that this software is in alpha stage and is far from complete. Also note that the current alpha build doesn’t add close, minimize and maximize buttons to apps. So, in many ways, the current build of the app isn’t ready for every day use. The developer is working hard to add new functionalities.

We will update this article once the developer releases a new build of the software with additional features. Visit the download page to begin downloading the current version of the software.

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    when I once get app names to appear in start screen then shut down and restart I loose app names.. I recently upgraded to windows 8.1 How do I resolve this

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