My To-Do List: Handy Sidebar Gadget For Windows 7

The desktop gadgets feature, which was originally introduced with Windows Vista in the form of sidebar, is one of the popular ways to quickly consume information and quickly accomplish tasks. In simple words, gadgets are mini-programs or web apps that display various information right on the desktop.

For instance, the CPU and RAM usage that can only be viewed by launching Task Manager program can be seen right on your desktop with the help of CPU gadget. All gadgets can be moved on desktop and can be minimized with the help of a free tool named Gadget Minimizer.

Windows 7 ships a couple of good gadgets and supports installing new gadgets from the web. Sometime back, we covered about 20 useful gadgets and aero glass gadgets pack for your Windows 7 desktop. Today, we are going to share another handy Windows sidebar gadget. We are aware that there are better programs out there to manage your tasks. But this is a handy little gadget that sits on your desktop and lets you better manage your everyday tasks. My To-Do List is a feature-rich gadget to track your everyday tasks right from the desktop.

To Do List Gadget For Windows 7

My To-Do List features a simple yet easy-to-use user interface. What makes this gadget even more awesome is its features:

  • Drag and drop to reorder
  • Save a to-do list in text format
  • Print your to-do list with a click
  • Docked mode to save space

As mentioned above you can save or backup your tasks in a text file and you can even print out your tasks. As with other gadgets, installing this gadget is dead simple. Download and install the gadget to start adding your everyday tasks to the list. How to reinstall desktop gadgets in Windows 7 guide might help you install uninstalled or corrupted gadgets. You can also backup all installed gadgets to avoid reinstalling all gadgets after a system reinstall.

Download My To-Do List



  1. fortunate_lass says

    Thanx a ton.
    I had been looking for one of this kind since long…
    its really helpful n works awesome with my win7

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