Microsoft releases Network Speed Test App For Windows 10/8.1

A couple of days ago, Microsoft Research first released an app named Network Speed Test to Windows Phone to check the speed of Wi-Fi and Cellular network. Those who have been using it on Windows Phone or those who have at least seen the pictures of the app will know that the interface simply gorgeous and provides useful information on upload and download speeds.

Network Speed Test For Windows 8

Network Speed Test app features

Up until now Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 users had to either visit speed test websites or install third-party apps to check network speed tests. The good news is that Microsoft’s Network Speed Test app is now available in Windows Store, meaning that all Windows 10 as well as Windows 8.1 users can now install this excellent app on their PCs right away. With the help of Network Speed Test app you can get detailed information about the upload and download speeds of your internet connection.

Network Speed Test For Windows 8 Picture1

The app also stores history of speed tests so that you can easily compare the download and upload speeds multiple networks with ease. Those of you running this app on Windows Phone will find that the interface is exactly the same.

This app will use speed test score to tell you if you can perform videos calls, stream music, send emails, make voice calls, stream low-quality video and stream high-quality video on the connected network.


Network Speed Test For Windows 8 Picture2

To initiate a speed test, open up the app and then click or tap the Start button. If you’re on a metered connection, the app warns you before beginning the test so that you don’t end up using your data plan. Visit the below provided Windows Store link to start installing the app.

Microsoft Network Speed Test



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