OS X 10.9 Mavericks Transformation Pack For Windows 7/8

Apple announced new OS X 10.9 at WWDC 2013, dubbed OS X Mavericks. The newest version of Mac OS X boasts plenty of changes and improvements. If you have seen the pictures or the videos of OS X Mavericks and want to make your Windows look like OS X Mavericks, you can do so by downloading and installing OS X Mavericks transformation pack.

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OS X 10.9 Mavericks transformation pack is the first and only Mavericks transformation pack available for XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating system. According to the developer, this transformation pack includes Mavericks/iOS7 themes, wallpapers, user picture, Mavericks/iOS7 icons, sounds, cursor, logon background, OS X-style dock, and Launchpad.

The cool thing is that the setup file of the transformation pack includes UXStyle Core software that automatically edits original system files to add third-party visual styles support. In simple words, you don’t need to manually download and run UXStyle Core or any other software before installing OS X Mavericks transformation pack.

As with the case of other transformation packs, the setup file of OS X Mavericks transformation pack also lets you choose the features that you would like to install. Once the transformation pack is installed, you’ll be asked to perform a system reboot to apply the changes.

OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack

Even though this transformation pack can easily be uninstalled from Programs and Features or by running its setup file again, we recommend you create a manual restore point before installing the transformation pack so that you can quickly revert to the original state of Windows if the setup fails to completely uninstall all icons and other resources.

Please note that this is the initial version of the transformation pack and it might have some issues. We will update this article once the developer updates this pack.

You might also like to download OS X Mountain Lion transformation pack for your Windows. And if you don’t like the default look of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, follow the instructions provided in our how to make Windows 8.1 look and feel like Windows 7 guide to easily get the look of Windows 7 in Windows 8.1 without using any transformation packs.

Also note that the setup of this transformation pack offers you set Windows X Live page as your default home page. Make sure you uncheck the option if you don’t want to change your current home page settings.

Download OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack



  1. don french says

    How can i uninstall the widget dashboard? I try to play skyrim, but it keeps exiting and popping up the dashboard. any help? (everything else is AWESOME! you’e amazing! but why do you enable the dashboard by putting the mouse too far to the bottom left hand corner? it’s stupid. its not even on the real mac!)

  2. satyam says

    It is not completely installs in my Sony Vaio E series laptop running Windows7 home basic SP1
    -It fails to installs themes and hot keys
    Icons and dockbar working fine.
    Please advise how can i tweak

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