Download Partition Wizard Home Edition For Windows 8

Installed Windows 8 on a new machine and looking for a good software to partition the hard drive? Need a powerful but free software to create, resize, or recover partition on a system running Windows 8? Partition Wizard Home Edition is the ideal software all you need to manage partitions.

MiniTool, the company dedicated to data recovery and disk management software, has updated its popular Partition Wizard Free Home Edition software to version 7.5 and it now fully supports Windows 8, both x86 and x64 systems. For those who haven’t used MiniTool Partition Wizard, it’s probably the finest free software available to manage partitions in Windows.

Partition Wizard for Windows 8

In addition to the usual create, delete, format and copy partitions, it includes tens of options for power users. There are options such as set label for the partition, align partition to improve disk performance, check file system for errors, hide partition, change partition serial number, change partition type ID, check partition for bad sectors, wipe partition, etc.

The partition recovery wizard helps you recover lost or deleted partitions in a few steps and supports partition size larger than 2 TB.

The best thing about the software is it’s easy-to-use user interface. Just launch the program, select a partition to see all partition related options in the left side of the window. Right-clicking on a partition will also display all options. Advanced tasks can be found under file menus.

Partition Wizard for Windows 8 Picture1

Unlike other free partition software, you can download Partition Wizard bootable CD from MiniTool website so that you can use the software without booting into Windows as well. The link to download page is available in the Partition Wizard software itself. Click on Bootable CD button in the Partition Wizard toolbar to visit the download link. Download the ISO file (~43 MB) and then burn it onto a CD using your favourite ISO burning software or Windows’s inbuilt ISO burning feature. This is one of the features that helps this software look good than others.

Partition Wizard for Windows 8 Picture2

Advanced options such as rebuild Master Boot Record (MBR) and convert FAT to NTFS are also available in the software. Partition Wizard Home Edition is completely free and supports  XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating systems. And finally, the download size of the software just 11.2 MB!

Download Partition Wizard Home


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