MetroApp Link: Create Metro App Shortcuts On Desktop And Pin Metro Apps To Taskbar In Windows 8

Are you one of those users who love to launch Metro-style apps without switching to the Start screen? Do you want to place shortcuts of Metro apps on your desktop for quick access? Or Would you like to pin apps to the taskbar? If your answer is yes for any of these questions, we have a handy tool to share with you.

Users who are using Windows 8 must be knowing that one can’t place Metro-style apps on desktop and can’t pint apps to the taskbar. Users who are looking for a way to place Metro-apps on desktop or pin apps to the taskbar can now download a cool utility named MetroApp Link.

MetroApp Link is a handy tool for computer users running Windows 8 operating system. The tool lets you create shortcuts of Metros-style apps on the desktop and lets you pin apps to the taskbar as well. For instance, you can create a shortcut for the Windows Store app and then pin the same to the taskbar.

Pin Metro Apps To Taskbar Windows 8

The current version (2.0)of MetroApp Link lets you place shortcuts of Music, People, Travel, Mail, Photo, Weather, News, Video, Reader, Games, Maps, Messaging, Sport, Store and Finance apps on the desktop.

Pin Start Screen Apps to Taskbar In Windows 8jpg

Once you have the shortcuts on the desktop, right-click on a shortcut and then select Pin to Taskbar option to pin the app shortcut to the taskbar. Alternatively, you can also pin a shortcut to the taskbar by just dragging the shortcut onto the taskbar. You can move an app shortcut from desktop to any other folder.

Keyboard addicts can use this app to launch apps with a hotkey. To do this, right-click on a app shortcut on the desktop, select Properties, switch to Shortcut tab, select the Shortcut Key box, press the keyboard combination that you wish to use launch the app and finally click Apply button.

MetroApp Link works great on both x86 and x64 Windows 8 systems. Note that the current version doesn’t allow you create shortcuts for third-party apps. Visit the developer’s page to download the app. It’s a portable tool and doesn’t require an installation.

Download MetroApp Link (translated page)



  1. Pasqui industry says

    It’s very difficult. Maybe the only way is the Powershell commands or a Command prompt combination with wwahost.exe and app ID, i’m searching 😉

  2. admin says

    Thank you for creating a handy tool for Windows8. Btw, is it possible to create a shortcut for third-party metro apps? I know, you are using the command link trick. But I think there should be a way for third-party apps as well.

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