Quickly Colorize Windows 7 Folders With Rainbow Folders

Microsoft redesigned the look of folder icon in Windows Vista operating system. It’s successor, Windows 7, carries the same folder icon. Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 allow you change the default folder icon with a custom one. To change the default folder icon, right-click on the folder that you would like to customize, click Properties, switch to Customize tab and then click Change icon button to browse the icon file that you wish to see as folder icon for the selected folder.

color folders

While ability to change the folder icon is a handy feature, an option to change the default color of folder icons would have been cool. Having different colors for different folders help to quickly recognize the folder when you have multiple folders.

There are a bunch of third-party programs available to change the color of folders but most of them are available for a price. Users who would like to set different color of folders with the help of a free tool will be glad to know about the availability of a free tool named Rainbow Folders.

Rainbow Folders is a handy software that allows you colorize Windows 7 folders with any color of your own choice.

 Rainbow Folders

Once you download and install Rainbow Folders, you will see an entry in the Start menu. To change the color of a folder, launch Rainbow Folders, select the folder in the left pane and then select the color that you want to apply to the selected folder.


Rainbow Folders also lets you rebuild system icon cache quickly and easily (found under options). It also offers three types of folder styles: Classical, Typical and Modern. In addition you can manage your favorite colors and colorize folders using Explorer context menu item. Overall, a handy tool to customize Windows 7 folders quickly and easily.

The latest version of Rainbow Folders even lets you change color of folders right from the context menu(right-click menu). You can also use Folder Marker free version to customize folders.

Download Rainbow Folders




  1. User1 says

    Update: The folder color change was applied successfully, after logging out, then logging back into my computer.

  2. User1 says

    Rainbow folders is not working for me, under Windows 7 32-bit either. It acts like it’s doing its thing, but the icon on my desktop doesn’t actually change.

  3. Jeff says

    Not trying to be too picky, but how about “Quickly COLOR…” the word color is a noun and a verb, there’s no need to invent colorize.

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