RT Windows Customizer: Powerful Tool To Customize Windows 8 Installation Setup [Update]

We have taken a look at a couple of Windows pre-installation customization software in the past, but RT Windows Customizer offers something that we haven’t seen in any of  the existing tools: support for the latest Windows operating system, Windows 8. Yes, finally, we have an application to tweak and customize Windows 8 installation setup.

RT Windows Customizer is a free tool to tweak Windows 7 and Windows 8 installation setup and then create a bootable ISO or bootable USB flash drive. The current version (Beta) of RT Windows Customizer looks pretty much like the popular RT Seven Lite. But unlike RT Seven Lite, RT Windows Customizer fully supports both x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8 operating system.

Those who have never used Windows pre-installation customization tools should check out our how-to create un-attended Windows 7 installation setup and slipstream SP1 into Windows 7 DVD or ISO guides before to better understand these tools.

RT Windows Customizer includes all features you will need to tweak and customize Windows 8 installation setup. It let’s you integrate Windows updates, hardware drivers, third-party software, and language packs into the ISO file which helps you save your precious time post installation.

An option is also available to create unattended Windows installation. If you don’t know what it is, an automated installation or un-attended technology enables you install Windows with minimal user intervention. That is, the un-attended setup will have all information that you have to enter otherwise during the installation. A typical un-attended ISO will include language settings, user name, product key, keyboard layout settings and other information.

RT Windows Customizer also allows you add/remove Windows components and features. For example, you can easily remove Paint and Internet Explorer programs from the setup. You can also include your favorite third-party software in the setup.

Just like any other Windows setup customization tools, using this tool is fairly simple. You just need the installation files or ISO file to begin creating custom Windows ISOs.


# Customize Windows 8 installation setup

# Integrate drivers, updates, hotfixes, and language packs

# Remove Windows features such as games and Windows Media Player from the setup

# Create un-attended Windows 8 installation setup

# Include new themes, screensavers, wallpapers, and gadgets in the setup

# Create bootable ISO image file

# Create bootable USB flash drive to install Windows from USB

We tested it on Windows 7 x64 machine to tweak Windows 8 x64 setup and can confirm that it works without any issues. We recommend you run this program as administrator to avoid errors. As RT Windows Customizer is in Beta stage, you might encounter bugs while using this tool.

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UPDATE: We have removed the link, as the software contains modified resources taken from the the popular RT Seven Lite software, without any permission. Thanks to our reader Mark for the update. We will update this thread once maker of RT Seven Lite releases RT 8 Customizer.



  1. Helge says

    I would test the tool time “rt-windows-customizer” to the original I can not handle Windows 8

    Helge greeting

  2. Pretty says

    There is no sense in owning the copyright unless you are going to use it. I don’t think anyone wants to hold all of this stuff in a vault and not let anybody have it. It’s only worth something once it’s popular.
    “Said by : Hilary Rosen”

    I hope we need to understand the meaning of this…

    Happy Republic Day to all 🙂

  3. richie68 says

    let ur vote on this topic and see whether we need better applications or lobbying around few names

  4. richie68 says

    I request all administrators &members of the site to reconsider its decision 2ban reckons team and allow its members to use its customization tool as this has lot of potency in it, As far as reverse engineering is concerned then any modifications in original software is reverse engineering applies to Rockers team.

  5. admin says

    Thanks Mike and Benjamin for the update and clarification. I am going to remove the link and picture from the post and will update the post once Benjamin releases RT 8 Customizer.

  6. says


    Also i have post this tool at the MSFN-Forum (http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/155240-rt-windows-customizer-copy-of-rt-seven-lite/).

    In this Thread you can read this:

    “I kindly request this site moderator or admins to remove this topic from the forum. Nishant had modified the RT 7 Lite app resources only like images and edited the text. This is reverse engineer work of Nishant and his friend. Also Nishant must remove this app from Reckons Technology Team forum. RT 7 Lite UI and its icons and the coding everything is licensed and copyrighted. We are going to take legal action on Nishant as per the law. Thanks for this forum members letting me know.

    By the way RT 7 Lite will be available in different UI with major fixes soon and also RT 8 Customizer is on the way. So I request the people not to take risk on using this kind of illegal stuff.

    PS: RT 7 Lite will not support Windows Developer Preview properly or may not.


    Regard Mike

  7. Nawzil says

    @Rick You are right, we released a newer version with the exact same link.

    Thanks to the Admin of Into Windows for promoting our application.

    Admin of reckonstech.com

  8. Kido (Nishant) says

    @Rick: Give me more info on what does the app say. Where did u our current version doesn’t work? If you talking about Nawzil, Then its admin privilege problem. Post your error on the forum.

  9. Rick says

    Yep – in fact with uac off even. Apparently they are posting a new version shortly. It looks like they have been posting new versions with the exact same number….

  10. Rick says

    Not sure how you tested it, but I couldn’t run on 7 x64 and their site forum says that the current version doesn’t work (Jan 20 dates on the message board).

    Did you do anything special?

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