StartIsBack+: Show Taskbar On Windows 8.1 Start Screen & Change Start Button

Even though Microsoft has restored the Start button in Windows 8.1 update and has greatly enhanced the Start screen by adding a couple of features and options, it seems end users aren’t satisfied with the Start button that opens up Start screen instead of Start menu.

As we all know, there are a bunch of good free and paid Start menu programs out there for Windows 8. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t compatible with Windows 8.1 update as of now. Users who are looking for a good Start menu program with some advanced options should check out StartIsBack+ program (paid).

StartIsBack+ is a paid program designed to add Start button as well as Start menu to your Windows 8.1 operating system. This is not just another program to add Start menu to Windows 8.1 but it offers tens of options to tweak the default settings of Windows 8.1.

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The good thing about this software is that it doesn’t overlap with Windows 8.1 Start button, and the Start menu UI also goes very well with the overall UI of the OS. Another feature that you’re going to love is the ability to show taskbar on the Start screen. This feature when used with show desktop background on Start option can make you fall in love with the Start screen.

This version of StartIsBack+ comes with another awesome feature that enables you configure Windows 8.1 to show the Charms bar or search charm when you hold the Windows logo key. This feature is turned off by default but you can turn on the same in StartIsBack Configuration.

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Other than those key features, there are tens of options to tweak and fine tune the Start menu. You can hide the user account picture on the Start menu, hide Start button, partially disable the Power User Menu that usually appears when you right-click on the Start button, change Start button icon with custom one, fully disable charms, rename Start text on the Start screen to Apps, change the default power button action on the Start menu, and more.

taskbar on Start screen and change Start button

With default settings, when you press Windows logo key, you’ll see the Start menu. However, you can use Windows logo + Ctrl hotkey to switch to Start screen or configure StartIsBack+ to show Start screen when you press Windows logo key.

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StartIsBack+ is currently in beta stage and is a free update to all existing StartIsBack users. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.1 update only and isn’t compatible with Windows 8.

Those of you who can’t afford a paid software but want to see Taskbar on Start, check out our free solution to show taskbar on the Start screen guide. And if you need a free Start menu, install the latest version of Classic Shell or IObit Start Menu 8.

Download StartIsBack+ Beta



  1. Techland says

    There is no way to prefer Classic Shell over StartIsBack. Looks like you did not try it or have not understood it. StartIsBack is what makes Win 8 superior to Win 7, and caused me to upgrade my main working machine to 8 (finally).

    This tool will become the standard add-on for Win 8, because it can do so much more and better than Classic Shell. And people who can buy computers for hundreds of dollars and then can’t spend the 3$ for StartIsBack – well, not my problem…

  2. allsop1 says

    I prefer Classic Shell. Free and most customizable. I love how it also fixes Windows Explorer’s annoyances.

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