Start Menu Reviver: Touch-Friendly Start Menu For Windows 8

The Start screen in Windows 8 is way superior than the Start menu in many ways. Even though Start screen offers all features and options of Start menu, many users aren’t exactly happy with the new design and have installed third-party programs to get back Start menu in Windows 8.

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More than a dozen of free and paid Start menu programs are available for the newest version of Windows operating system. Most of the Start menu programs out there for Windows 8 sport the same Windows 7-style interface. The problem with those Windows 7 Start menu-style programs is that they aren’t designed for touch screen.

Users who own a Windows 8-powered tablet and looking for a touch-friendly Start menu for Windows 8 should try out the newly released Start Menu Reviver program. Start Menu Reviver is a free program designed specially for touchscreen. The interface of this program goes well with the new Modern UI of Windows 8, and it offers a number of options to customize the default look of the program as well.

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Unlike some of the Start menu programs out there, Start Menu Reviver lets you launch both desktop programs as well as apps installed from the Store, which means that you don’t need to switch to the Start screen to launch Modern UI apps.

As you can see, this Start menu program also comes with search functionality to allow you search for apps, programs, settings, and documents on your PC in a few seconds.

Download and install Start Menu Reviver to add a Start button at the extreme left-side of Taskbar. A click on the Start button reveals the new Start menu. By default, Start Menu Reviver displays user name with user picture, battery status icon, and time at the top of the Start menu. Settings, network, recent, search, tasks, run, and apps buttons are located on the left-side of the menu.

Click Settings icon to get access to Start menu settings, Control Panel, Action Center, and other system tools. Clicking on Search button opens the Start screen search. The Tasks button reveals the App Switcher to quickly switch between running apps and close them. A click on Apps button extends the Start menu and lets you view all desktop apps, modern apps, Start menu folder, my documents folder, and recent items.

Key features:

  • Designed for touchscreen
  • Launches both desktop and Modern apps
  • Option to pin webpages
  • Highly customizable
  • Powerful search function

To help users quickly launch their favourite programs, Start Menu Reviver lets you add your favourite apps, programs, and also webpages to the Start menu as tiles. To add a program shortcut as tile to the Start Menu Reviver, just drag and drop a program or app shortcut from the extended menu (that appears when you click on the Apps button) onto an empty or filled tile.

Just like Windows Start menu and other Start menu programs, Start Menu Reviver also lets you shutdown, restart, hibernate, or sleep your PC right from the Start menu. Click on the power button to view all shutdown options.

The cool thing about this program is that it’s highly customizable. You can change the tile background color, tile icon, background color of Start menu, text color, border color, scrollbar color, and interface icon color, and also the Start button. To open Start Menu Reviver settings, right-click on the Start button and click Settings.

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To change the color and icon of a tile, right-click on it, select Edit tile option, and then choose a custom color and icon for the tile.

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Note that this program is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit systems, but it doesn’t support Windows RT. If you need a Start menu for your Windows RT-powered device, check out our Start menu for Windows RT article.

Overall, it’s probably the first Start menu program designed for touchscreen. With that many features and options, it’s easily one of the better Start menu programs available for Windows 8. And if you’re on Windows 7, it’s compatible with Windows 7 as well.

Download Start Menu Reviver


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